Comfortable Is Not Always Better

I have trained myself to only take a certain amount of cash money to the supermarket so I don’t get tempted to stray too far from my shopping list. My shopping list, however, is based on a more or less rough meal plan. I usually have the same breakfast for one week Monday to Friday (and then allow myself to get a bit fancy-pancy on the weekends, but skip lunch), so I buy $breakfast_ingredient and nothing more.
Also, I stick to the outer aisles of the supermarket and pick the supermarket with the most seductive veggie/fruit area so I get stuck there. This particular supermarket has a very well hidden sweets/snack area and I just don’t go there unless I have a special snack item planned. But then again, the lack of money will keep me from buying more than that.

my daily workoutTo get myself to workout in the morning I put away my desk chair so I can only stand in front of my PC in the morning. This will soon annoy me enough to open the workout files and get started. Of course I could get the chair back, but that would be openly admitting “defeat” and I just won’t do it. It strongly discourages me to get involved in Facebook or forums before I have finished the workout.
Also, I will put my normal clothes out of reach and put my workout clothes right beside me. Our bedroom has freezing temparatures, so I won’t get up and walk around to fetch the normal stuff, but I will grab my gym clothes.

This one sounds mean, but I have tricked myself out of taking the dogs out early in the morning. This means, by noon they will get really impatient and annoy me into taking the big walk. That way I make sure I always get out early enough so I always have time to finish the BIG 5 miles walk and not get away with the “oh the dogs need to pee” cheat walk (2-3 miles). I really only use the cheat walk on emergency days.

I see myself as a great encourager, but when I talk to myself it is just the opposite! I don’t know why. I know I’m worthy, but deep down I doubt. I’m always focusing on the things about me that I don’t like, and I see the flab, jiggle and fat as an affirmation of my unworthiness. It’s deeper than being overweight. Your post stopped me in my tracks. I really need to fix this, too.

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